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    Counseling for Addiction and Recovery Maintenance

    After years of working with clients and families in an intensive outpatient setting, I have a deep understanding of how complex the disease of addition can be. I believe that addiction is a brain disorder that is chronic, progressive, and can be fatal if left untreated. It affects the brain in such a way that interferes with a person’s ability to make decisions and they are unable to quit substances despite negative consequences. I do not believe that this is due to a person’s moral failing or any type of weakness.

    As with any chronic disease, addiction requires ongoing treatment and maintenance whether that is through individual therapy, self-help groups, therapy groups, twelve step groups, or other recovery oriented activities.

    I work well with individuals who:

    • Recently completed inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment
    • Recently experienced a relapse and need help getting back on track
    • Are completely sober and looking to explore deeper issues
    • Need accountability for recovery maintenance
    • Are family members of someone in active addiction or recovery from addiction

    Reach out today for a free consultation to determine if individual therapy is right for you at this time. Please note that individual therapy on an outpatient level is not always the best treatment option for someone in active addiction. If you are experiencing any physical withdrawal symptoms from alcohol use or benzodiazepine use (Xanax, etc) please know that this can be dangerous and requires medical attention. If this is determined to be the case with you, I am more than willing to help guide you in the right direction at no charge to you. Reaching out for help is a big step and I will do whatever I can to assist you.

    You can find more resources on substance use, addiction, and recovery here.